Quite some time ago, a few different times, I.

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Quite some time ago, a few different times, I would take a corner at a high speed (like an offramp from freeway) or a sharp turn, and suddenly the car acts like it's out of gas and won't accelerate, eventually dying. Then I would try to restart, and tho there'd be gas in the tank it would act like it was out of gas.

Had the fuel pump replaced (twice). The last mechanic who gave it a full diagnostic test came to the conclusion that when the there is only a little gas in the car, and I take a corner, the fuel swishes to one side and there is something (I can't remember what) within the gas tank that must be "sucking in air" thereby making the car THINK it's out of gas. He said that as long as I kept 1/2 tank full it shouldn't happen, but it did.

The last time this happened (after not happening for awhile) a tow-truck brought me fuel, tried to start, nothing happened. He troubleshot a lot of different ways, banged on the fuel pump, and had me try lots of things. Still wouldn't start, but the battery ended up dying from all the trying. We towed it home. It's been sitting in my carport since July.

What is causing this to malfunction, and what needs to be fixed? I have a potential buyer for my car so need an answer right away as to what could be causing this to happen and the estimated repair or parts needed. I can get more $ if it's running, so please PLEASE reply ASAP.
Saturday, December 1st, 2012 AT 5:21 PM

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Sounds like fuel slosh from a broken baffle in the tank. You may have to remove the tank and have it inspected.

Was this
Saturday, December 1st, 2012 AT 5:37 PM

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