Would like to see where the CAM and crank sensors are located on a 1.9 SOHC engine GMC (Saturn)1994

  • 1994 SATURN SC1
  • 20,000 MILES
Recently bought this auto in a none running condition, but the info. I had on vehicle indicated that it should be an easy fix, just needed to follow thru with repairs origanaly started by another individual. These repairs included timing chain, guides, tensioners, etc. By a mechanic, paid for by the last owner of auto, but the car has not ran since repairs. The tech told last owner he would have to charge him additional fees for trouble shooting and repairing any new problems, an addition to the 700 he had already been paid. Thats where I come in, the last owner was not a do-it-urself kinda guy and was done putting $$$$ into the car, so im thinking EASY- FIX for me cars already registered been well cared for, and it was all I could afford so here I am, still dicking with/it.I thru the codes got 22, replaced tps, no start, got some help(i thought)from dude, told him I didnt need him to fix nothin already there just need 2nd body 1 to hit ign. While I CHECKED UNDER hood for proper fuel delivery. Needdless to say, that while I was at parts store he removes regulator from tbi, strips out the already hard to reach screws, looses the only bit that fit em, does'nt put spring rubber seal back correctly, does not tell me, but mentions, hey heres ur problem fuel injector, 75 bucks buys me a new one, thinkin he is a guy rite?Should know somethin about cars, rite?Hell, I'm just a learn as I go kinda gal, but I;M NOT STUPID. I know how to read and am capable of learning. Car still not fixed, gas shootin straight out back of regulater at fire wall, cant get a hold of dude to ask what the hell did u do? But finally he picks up phone, says sorry thought it part of injector, now I GOTTA CLEAN HIS MESS UP, BUT REMEMBER I mentioned he swtripped the screws, rite? & Lost the omly bit, so I remove throttle body saw slats on screws to remove, hve to to flatten cover on regulter so its flat, sand and smooth down scratches get spring and gasket seal back in, properly, now gas leak problem solved. Finally. Car should start. CAR DOES NOT START. Starter jambs, locks up engine, I'm thinkin dude did not get TDC rite, so I pull all plugs and push car around to check for compression, ( by the way have I mentioned that I'm a chick, dont have any tools, at least not the rite ones, can not get any 1 to help me, not even to confer with, so I must learn every thing as I go), so now engine frees up, I'M ALL YEAHHH. CAR SHOULD START. DOES NOT. STARTER BAD. I replace. Car should start, does not. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS I found the bit that dude lost, down tbi, to only show up in my # 2 cyl. No wonder car doesnt start. NOW, car should start(bit was reason why 1st starter jambed). So now here I am, talkin, at length with u guys. Why? Because the car still does not start, and I refuse to believe that mechanic. Did not get'' TOP DEAD CENTER'' right, or he would not be making that kinda $$. And that would, mean, if this f---in car wont start I am gonna have no choice but to remove and check work already done more work, more work. That would also mean ''I do not know much about cars and I should just give it up'' WRONG '' I STILL BELIEVE, THAT DEEP DOWN, AND BEFORE HAVING TO CLEAN UP AFTER SOME OTHER IDIOT, that this IS an EASY FIX. SO GUYS IM THINKIN its gotta be the crank, or cam sensors tellin PCM that timing is off. There for THE CAR WONT STAERT. SO I NEED TO LOCATE AND CHECK SENSORS 1ST, before I bust open the timing chain. But this engine is so dirty, and there's so many different sensors, and the book is not discriptive enough, and I am so tired of this harder than it should be, dumb ole tired me, this is an easy fix, cant get any one to help, project of a mess, I dont look like I know what I'm talkin about, let alone, doing, cant quit now, gotta get this car running job done. Can any please give a lady a hand, any knowledge u can impart is greatly appreciated. Thanks miss fix-it
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Sunday, March 4th, 2012 AT 12:29 AM

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First of all there is no cam sensor on that car only a crank shaft sensor. They rarely fail on those cars a simple spark test will tell you if its working?Pull two wires off right next to each other off the coil pack then crank the engine over spark should jump from tower to tower. Also you never mention what your compression readings were on each cylinder?Also yes people charge a lot of money to fix cars and they dont always know what there doing. Even at the dealer I worked for saturn dealers for over 16yrs and saw my fair share of people that just had no clue how to fix cars.
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Sunday, March 4th, 2012 AT 2:30 AM

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