Alright going through all the electrical things.

  • 1994 MITSUBISHI 3000GT
  • 207,000 MILES
Alright going through all the electrical things headlights, turn signals, emergency lights, lows, highs, fogs, and dome lights work, unfortunately I have a diagram and some other things for the wiring to an extent for the vehicle still some minuscule things not working, 12V cigarette charger, possibly radio harness(need to hook the head unit up doing at a later time) but I managed to find the dimmer switch and the driver/passenger side mirror adjuster hooked them up. Dash light and gauge lights for oil, batter, and engine temp don't display. The mirror adjuster works for the passenger side can move it up, down, and L/R, the drivers side can only move up and down, If I try to turn it left no action, if I try to move it right you can hear a clicking like doors locking from both doors. If there is anything (free) as far as all that for diagrams would be lovely and much appreciated. I plan to remove the whole top dash. Hope to god I don't and door panels -.-'' Drivers side. And see whats going on. And as far as things being re wired closer to the trunk the idiotic kid just twisted them a friend of mine a mechanic said I should solder/shrink wrap them to avoid moisture and such but would using something to crimp them together be fine too?
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Saturday, November 17th, 2012 AT 9:15 PM

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You have written so much yet I can only understand one or 2 things.

For the side mirror not moving left but clicking to right, manually push the mirror left wards, you would hear clicking noise as it moves and retry. If problem persists, you have bad switch.

For the indicator lights and gauges not working, it is either a bad fuse or the battery voltage is not getting to the meter cluster. A test light or DVOM is required when performing wiring works.

For rejoining wires, it would depend on if the wire is subjected to movement. Those that are not subjected to movements can be done with simple fixes but those that are going to move such as between door and pillars etc have to be soldered.
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Sunday, November 18th, 2012 AT 10:30 AM

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