1994 Jeep Cherokee



July, 15, 2012 AT 12:39 AM

I just asked a question but left out some significant details so I'm asking again.

the problem I am having is I'm trying to install a neutral safety swith on my jeep and its not going on.

we got the old one off after hours of tinkering and compared the new with the old and they were the same.

we connected the new one without mounting it with the nut turned to the neutral position and tried starting it but it would not start. I don't know if it has to be mounted to start or will it start with just the electrical being connected?

also the new one will not slide onto the shaft I tried sanding off all the rust and then sliding it on but it wouldn't go. How easily should they go on? Is it possible that we bent it?

previous to all of this I brought it to a garage and they told me it was the neutral safety switch. So im assuming it is the switch but if it doesn't start after its installed what should I look at next?



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July, 15, 2012 AT 2:20 AM

Well, it sounds like it is not the switch. I assume you tried in all positions.

You need to do voltage checks to find out the issue. That is what the shop should have done in the beginning.

Start from the ignition switch out to the starter.




July, 15, 2012 AT 12:59 PM

Yeah but that still leaves me with issues. I still have to install the new one and its not going on? Any suggestions on how to get it on? Also I still need to know if it has to be mounted to start it or can it start regardless of being mounted or not? I understand how it works but im under the assumption that if it was the neutral safety switch all you would have to do is plug it in to find out if it works or not. And btw the garage tested the switch and found out that it was the switch that was acting up but it leaves me dumbfounded because we plugged the new switch in and nothing happened. What else could it be?



July, 15, 2012 AT 1:01 PM

As the trans linkage turn on the trans, it moves the switch. You have to locate the position of park and/or neutral when not mounted to see if it will start.

As far as the mounting, is the switch identical to the old one? If so, then it is a matter of lining it up correctly.

Can you take a picture and post it?


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