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  • 1994 Ford Thunderbird
  • V8
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  • automatic
  • 146,783 miles

Whats the best way 2 change a tranny in 94 thunderbird

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Monday, January 17th, 2011 AT 10:27 PM

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Raise and support vehicle.
Remove torque converter access cover and adapter plate bolts from lower left side of torque converter housing.
Drain transmission fluid (including torque converter).
Mark torque converter-to-flexplate position for installation reference.
Remove 4 torque converter-to-flexplate nuts.
Turn crankshaft clockwise (as viewed from front) to access nuts.
Mark position of yokes and remove drive shaft.
Disconnect and remove speedometer sensor from extension housing. Remove starter.
Remove rear mount-to-crossmember bolts and 2 crossmember-to-frame bolts.
Remove 2 engine rear support-to-extension housing attaching bolts.
Disconnect throttle valve linkage rod or cable from transmission. Remove cable from bracket.
Remove bracket from bellhousing.
Disconnect manual rod from transmission manual lever.
Remove 2 bellcrank bracket-to-torque converter housing bolts. Disconnect Transmission Range (TR) sensor wires.
Position jack under transmission.
Secure transmission to jack using a safety chain. Raise transmission slightly.
Remove engine support-to-crossmember bolts.
Remove crossmember-to-frame bolts.
Remove crossmember, insulator support and damper.
Remove any interfering exhaust system hardware.
Lower jack slightly to access oil cooler lines.
Disconnect oil cooler lines from transmission.
Plug openings.
Remove lower torque converter-to-housing bolts.
Remove transmission filler tube.
Slide transmission to rear, and lower it from vehicle

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Monday, January 17th, 2011 AT 10:41 PM

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