1994 Ford Explorer XLT

  • 6 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 155,500 MILES
I have had my radiator and hoses, intake manifold gasket, timing cover gasket, heater control valve, starter, and battery replaced within the last three months. My 94 Ford Explorer XLT will not start, it loses power over speeds of 35mph, the temperature gage fluctuates from very warm to cold in a matter of seconds and keeps on doing so while the vehicle is in operation, and now the "check engine" light is going on and off. The shop performing the repairs has over-filled the coolant resevoir and fluid leaks out while the vehicle is in operation. The engine also emits a chirpping sound and I am unsure if the leaking over-filled coolant resevoir is the source. I would appreciate any advice on the likely causes of these problems as the shop the vehicle has been to lately cannot solve these issues. Thank you!
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Ok, I had the same vehicle years ago and had same similar problem.

Now, the leak does it appear to be back near the firewall on the passenger side? if not sure when you park your vehicle place a piece of cardboard under vehicle that will cover the area from just behind the firewall to front of vehicle and out the wheels.

If find that leak is on passenger side near firewall then a possible cause is a Blown Head Gasket to the Outside instead of into a cylinder. You using Bars Leak or similar to give yourself time to get the funding together to have the repair done. Cost is about $800 - $1200.

The chirping sound is most likely a Tensioner or Idler Pulley Bearing going bad. To check - with spray lube in hand and vehicle off locate the tensioner and idler pulleys. Spray the center bolt on ONE of them and start vehicle if chirping is gone for a period of time replace pulley. If still present repeat proceedure on other pulley.

As for the engine light - need to pull codes follow directions below...

To extract DTCs from the computer for diagnostic purposes, the Self Test connector is used.

1.Start engine and bring to normal operating temperature. If engine will not start or stalls after starting, proceed with next step.
2.Turn the key "OFF", then wait ten seconds.
3.Activate the self test by grounding the Self-Test Input (STI) connector.
4.Turn the ignition key "ON".
5.Record all codes received.
6.Turn ignition "OFF".




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