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HI. We are very short on money right now and just found your service. We will give you a small donation now but next time will give you a very good donation! Here is my question:
My son has a 1994 Buick Century. A few months ago his keys would not open either the right or left door. Although they would open the trunk and turn on the ignition. They keys could be inserted into the locks but the door locks could not be turned. We tried using a silicone spray and that didn’t help at all. The locks simply won’t turn at all. He has been using the remote to open the locks for several months now. We live in California and a few days ago there was a large rain storm. We then found his car continuously locking and unlocking the doors on it’s. Own. We took the batteries out of the remotes to see if this was a problem and the problem continued. The car battery was run down completely by morning. We replaced the battery with a new one and the car continues to cycle through locking and unlocking the doors. They just lock then a few seconds or minutes later unlock on their own with no remote being used at all. My son is a disabled college student with little money. I am hoping you are able to help. Are you able to tell us what the problem is? Also, I would like to know what part or parts to replace and where they are located on the car. If you could also describe the parts to be replaced and their location on the car that would be great. I do not know if the problem with the keys not working is the same problem as the locks cycling on their own. Please help. Thanks.
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Friday, January 4th, 2013 AT 10:21 AM

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Tumblers in the locks are the issue with the keys.

There is a module for the lock/unlock that may be the issue. I will check for location to help you. Call the dealer parts for possible part. With the age, it may not be made anymore.

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Friday, January 4th, 2013 AT 10:29 AM

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