Aftermarket stereo problems

  • 1994 BMW 325I
  • 131,000 MILES
I bought a Pioneer CD player to replace the stock cassette player (which had an unlock code and I couldn't figure it out so it was useless).I bought the correct wire harness online along with butt connectors for a DIY job. I stripped the wires about a quarter inch and crimped them in the butt connector matching the colors up and using a lighter to heat shrink. They we're all snug. The one pair of wire where I connect the blue wire with the blue/white wire and also the two ground wires, I used a twist on wire connector since I ran out of butt connectors.(I detailed that incase I've made any mistakes). Then I hooked it all up to the car. The stereo turned on when I pressed a button and the car was on. The Cd player, UBS port, lights and everything on the stereo worked and it was playing music. Only problem was it wasn't playing in the car so I didn't hear any sound at all coming from the speakers. Are my speakers blown or did I do something wrong?
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Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 AT 4:41 AM

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Ok. Blue is usually used to turn on an external amp. Apparently your car came with 2 stereo options. I have attached schematics for both. You can check your speakers with a AA/AAA battery. Attach wires to the speaker terminals, trying to pay attention to polarity (positive will sometimes have either a + or a red mark by it). Hold the negative wire to the negative side of the battery, and, while paying attention to the speaker cone, tap the other wire to the positive side of the battery. The cone should deflect outward and you should here a 'thunk'. Yes? Good speaker. No? Hold memorial services for it. I'm guessing the speakers aren't hooked up right or they came loose somewhere.
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Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 AT 5:24 AM

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