1994 Acura Legend



January, 30, 2013 AT 6:53 AM

Hello all! My name is Dom and im having problems with my 1994 acura legend gs. Some history on the car: I had an engine swap 70k miles ago. It was a clean rebuild and ran great until about 15k miles ago. I did have some overheating issues (bad gasket) so sludge buildup is completely possible. I run full synthetic and change it religiously every 4k miles. I have NEVER had a timing belt jump or break. I was also in the valvetrain replacing my valve covers 30k miles ago. I adjusted the rocker arms and everything ran great afterwards.

So my car has started having a lifter tick about 2 months ago. At first it got so bad I couldn't drive the car without the lifters tapping. I peered into the crank case while the car was running and could see there were pressure issues (you can tell by the color of the oil and the slow movement). I changed the oil that day and took it for a highway run. Since then the tapping has quieted to only a few select times. The times it taps are : Rarely on startup. (Maybe 1/5 starts will have lifter tick which goes away as the car heats up). Otherwise as the car heats the tick stops. The only other time I get a tick is after driving for a long time. It's usually around 60-80 miles. The speed im driving makes no difference in when the car starts ticking (40 mph, idling, or 80. If its a long trip chances are itll tick regardless.). (If it is ticking the noise and rate will increase with the acceleration until the car shifts to a higher gear.) Otherwise short distance trips are completely quiet. Anything short of 60 miles or so is completely quiet, no hesitation or tapping, the car has amazing acceleration and no lash or noise. I'm lost! Help!


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January, 30, 2013 AT 10:33 AM

You adjusted the valves? How did you do this as they are not adjustable.

It sounds like you have issues with the lifter themselves.




January, 30, 2013 AT 6:58 PM

I installed new valve covers as the old ones were seeping. The only thing I adjusted is the rocker arms. They don't self adjust for lash like others.

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