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This tercel is a 1.5, 4cyl, fuel injected automatic. The timing belt was changed and then the car did not want to accelerate. I had noticed a little lack of acceleration and lack of power occasionally, before timing belt was changed. Now it really lacks power. When you first press on the gas the car takes off slowly, no matter how hard you press the gas pedal. It gradually builds up speed, slowly shifting gears barely any power until around 45mph. It struggles to go above 50mph. If you come to a hill it completely losses power really boggs down. The car crawls up hill and on starting from a stop at a red light. There is no service engine light on. The ignition coil, timing belt, and spark plugs were recently changed. Could it be the catalytic converter or something else? Could it be the PCV valve? After running it a short distance you can hear the catalytic converter ticking, but not red hot.

Friday, December 28th, 2012 AT 12:29 AM

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Check fuel pressure first, it may be low.
Application (1) Pressure psi (kg/cm2 )
Tercel 41 42 (2.9 3.0)
(1) Check fuel pressure with jumper wire installed between data link connector terminals +B and FP, ignition on and engine off.

Then check vacuum at intake if 15: or below then suspect a clogged converter.

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Friday, December 28th, 2012 AT 1:14 AM

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