My power steering pump was leaking on my 93.

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My power steering pump was leaking on my 93 nissian maxima. So I replaced the hose on it, it has a hard pull to the left I have to cock the steering wheel to the right in order to drive it and keep it straight. But when its in neutral and I center the steering wheel il get out look at the tires and they are straight. I hear a little bit of a winding noise, a mechanic shop told me I needed lower control arms I got both of those done. But still when I drive my car if I centered the steering wheel I would probably almost do a 360. I dont know whats wrong please help mee!
Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 AT 4:44 AM

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That has nothing to do with the power steering pump or hose. You have either an alignment problem or a tire pull. Control arm bushings will let the alignment change dramatically. The car had to have been aligned after that repair. All alignments get a test-drive afterward. What did the mechanic say about the pull still being there? Did you get a printout of the alignment? If so, what are the camber and caster readings for the two front wheels?

To verify a tire pull, switch the two front ones from left to right. If the car pulls the other way, one of those tires is responsible. If the car goes straight, leave them where they are. If it still pulls the same way, it still could be a tire pull, but chances are it is not.

If the car pulls the other way after switching the tires, switch the two left ones front-to-rear, then drive it. If the pull is gone, it's due to the one that's on the left rear now. If there's no change, switch the two right tires and try it.

Also look at the tire wear patterns. If one tire is worn excessively on one edge, it's because it is leaning that way, (that's camber), and tires want to pull in the direction they're leaning.
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Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 AT 5:01 AM

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