What would be the step to change my water pump

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What would be the step to change my water pump
Friday, March 1st, 2013 AT 4:43 PM

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Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Drain and recycle the engine coolant.
Remove the upper radiator.
Remove the accessory drive belts from the pulleys.
Remove the alternator.
Place a floor jack beneath the engine oil pan using a piece of wood as a cushion.
Raise the engine slightly using a floor jack and remove the passenger side engine mount.
Note: The mounting bolts are different sizes and must be reinstalled in the correct location. It is a good idea to arrange bolts so they can be easily reinstalled.
Unfasten the attaching bolts and remove water pump from engine. The water pump bolts may be various lengths, put back in proper position. As far as removal, if you see a better way, certainly, use your own intiative.

Make sure all g asket surfaces are clean, then properly apply a continous bead of liquid gasket to the water pump mounting surfaces.
Install pump to engine. Tighten the 6mm bolts to 57--66 inch pounds and the 8mm bolts to 12--14 ft lbs.
Install the water pump pulley and tighten the bolts to 57--66 inch lbs.
Install the passenger side engine mount.
Install the alternator.
Install the accessory drive belts on their pulleys.
Install the upper radiator.
Fill and bleed the cooling system.
Dont forget to hook the battery cable back up.
Start the engine and check for leaks. Like I said before, If you see a better way for the procedure, certainly, go ahead.
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