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So this is the story of my car. About nine months ago I picked up a 93 prelude with a f22a1 out of Texas. On the way home I found that the water pump was pissing coolant out off it. So I replaced the water pump and did the timing belt to fix to problems at the same time. After replacing the water pump the leak stopped and I could drive the car.

Well after a week of driving for some reason the car started over heating. Well the heater core hose popped on me so I replaced both hoses. After that I was able to drive my car for about three day and again over heating. So I replaced the thermostat thinking that could have been the problem. So after replacing the thermostat again I got to drive it for about two days and the over heating started again.

Come to find out I had a bad lower radiator hose. So I replaced both upper and lower radiator hoses. Well I did not even make it two hours before over heating again. Welcome come to find out my radiator fan was no longer working. So we hook the radiator fan to run whine the car was turn on.

Well that worked for about a week before the over heating started again. I found running the fan all the time would not let the lower radiator hose get warm. So after replacing the relay and checking out all the wires we have come to find that the fan control box has gone out. So we put the radiator fan on a toggle. So to tested the gauge by letting the car almost over heat then we would turn the fan on.

Well after turning the fan on the temp gauge would go from red line over heating to running normal in about ten seconds. So to play it safe we replaced all the coolant temp sensors. So I had some extra money so went and got my tint done. Well come to find out my lower tank on my radiator blew out sometime around dropping the car and them giving it back to me. So now I have replaced the radiator, thermostat, upper/lower radiator hoses, heater core hoses, radiator cap and four coolant temp sensors. I am still having a over heating problems and really starting to get pissed off.

So we started thing maybe the head gasket had a small crack in it or something. So money I had a dye test and compression test done at a local shop I trust. So the test came back with almost perfect compression and no leaks from the head gasket.I know I am having problems with my lower radiator house getting warm, but my upper radiator house, radiator and radiator cap are getting hot.

So I am at a lose when it comes to this problem. I have order a new pod temp gauge to see if it well say I am over heating also. After I replace that I am at a loss what could be the problem.I could really use some help with the over heating problem. Something I find to be crazy about the over heating is most of the time when the sun is up the car will not over heat, but when the sun goes down I don't even get five minutes of driving before the gauge starts to jump.

To add on to that shopped drove my car around town before they did the dye test and my car would not over heat. They used a temp gun on the thermostat and upper/lower radiator hoses. The reading came back with 175 on the thermostat housing, lower radiator hose was 150 and upper was 155. So I am about to give up on this car and just take a loss if I can not find out what's making it over heat.
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Monday, July 30th, 2012 AT 2:21 AM

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When temperatture gauge is showing high, did the coolant spew out of recovery tank? If not, did the cooling fans work and stopped?

You mentioned the temperature test which indicated the coolant was not overheating. If that is the case, you have an inaccurate temperature reading and the most likely cause is a poor ground circuit for the gauge.
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Monday, July 30th, 2012 AT 12:50 PM

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