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December, 31, 2010 AT 4:41 PM

Enter your question.I have a 1993 honda accord 10th anniversery addition. Since I bought it back in September the D4 light on my dash constantly blinks. It confused me at first so I drove it around in D4 thinking it was drive. Little did I know it is over drive I think. I am still not for sure. Now I drive it in D3. So hear about 2 months ago it started having a problem. I would go to take off from any where, and it would hesitate and just barely go. So everytime I go to a complete stop I have to put it in 2nd gear and shift it to D3. Thats the only way it will take off right. This gets pretty irritating at times. Im also sure its not good for my car. This morning I got up and went to leave and my "brake lamp" light was on so I checked all my brake lights they were fine. None our out. So I got down the road, and the car started acting a little strange like my brakes were acting bad. So I turned around and came home. After I got home I got on the internet lookin up "brake lamp" light issues. I found out that it can also be related to my transmission. So I started looking about the "d4" light and I didn't find to much about it. I found something that said to count the flashes something about a code. It didnt give me direction on how to do it or what to do after I read the code. I was wondering if anyone could help me maybe its a selinoid or a senser please help I dont know what the heck to think?


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January, 2, 2011 AT 5:30 AM

When the D4 light blinks, it indicates an error has been detected by the transmission control module (TCM) and you need to retrieve the trouble code to find out what is wrong. It could result in erratic shifting and performance issues.

TCM Fault Codes
1. With ignition off, install jumper wire between terminals on service check connector. Service check connector is a 2-pin Blue connector, located at lower passenger's corner of glove box, near kick panel. See Fig. 14 and Fig. 15. This will place TCM in self-diagnostic mode.

2. Turn ignition on. Fault codes will be displayed by blinking "D4" light on A/T gear position indicator on instrument panel.

3. Fault codes will be displayed by short and long blinks. One long blink equals 10 short blinks. For example, if a long blink is followed by 4 short blinks, this indicates Fault Code No. 14. See Fig. 16.

4. Once a fault code is obtained, determine probable cause and symptom. If any other fault codes except those listed are displayed, TCM is defective. Turn ignition off. Remove jumper wire or SCS service connector from service check connector.

NOTE: If customer describes symptoms for Fault Code No. 3 and "D4" light is off or Fault Code No. 6, 11, it may be necessary to test drive vehicle to recreate the symptom and then check for trouble code with ignition still on.


ronald c morgan

September, 11, 2015 AT 11:48 AM

Please my dear fool you should know that your tranny is a four speed auto that starts in 1 then shifts its way throught the gears when you notice that it were not working right why did you not shift manual an save your bands

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