1993 Ford Probe



January, 21, 2012 AT 5:16 AM

I have a 93 Ford probe 2.0 smokes bad on start up so I replaced the valve seals and it seams like it smokes a lot worst every morning it smokes for about 10 minutes really bad and it burns oil so someone told me piston rings so I did a compression test and its coming out 150 in all 4 cylinders and it only smokes until it warms up and then it doesn't smoke at all so I didn't think it would be piston rings but the valve seals I bought were a cheap brand some evergreen product off eBay does anyone know if there's a way to know if it the piston rings besides a pressure test because I'm thinking of just doing valve seals again with better seals but I don't want to tear it down and do the seals and it still smoke thanks


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January, 21, 2012 AT 5:57 AM

Cheap stuffs don't work like NAPA said, redo the valve seals-who knows maybe the stems/guides-you still have to go back in-



January, 21, 2012 AT 6:13 AM

Yea I'm planning on just putting better seals in because I would think if it was piston rings it would smoke all the time even when its warm



January, 21, 2012 AT 6:48 AM

Please, so tell me why "cheap" guide seals would only leak when it's cold. Maybe you're thinking that oil sits on the seal and leaks some through while the car is parked, then after you start it burns off the oil until next time you park it? Most likely, your cheap seals are fine. Possibly, you didn't get one of them on correctly or it came loose. Or your guides/valves are so shot that seals won't make that much of a difference. About the good compression now, there are multiple sets or rings on a piston. You have oil rings and compression rings. The oil rings keep the oil at the crank and obviously the compression rings keep compression. So, if you take the oil rings out, you could still have good compression however leak oil. In summary, I would consider other options other than blaming cheap seals, especially since you were already trying to fix a problem by installing those seals. Lots of work too. If I had a flashlight that didn't work, and I bought cheap chinese batteries to put in it, and it still didn't work, I wouldn't look to buy different batteries. The problem is most likely elsewhere.



January, 25, 2012 AT 3:16 PM

Unfortunately is rare case, even the piston rings can cause the some when cold and disapears at warm up. I suggest that you take it for a ride, find an uphill from the top put it on the second gear and let the pedal gas released (Like compression braking) after 15 or 20 seconds floor the gas pedal, if you saw a big Piff of white_blue smoke, be sure that the Oil Control Rings are shot. Honing cylinders is a must. This happened to me and suffered.

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