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How to remove replace the pickup coil in distributor in my 93 chevy 1500 pu V/6, would like some assembly pictures, diagrams
to go by, asap t u

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Typical Distributor Components

Installing Pick-up Coil Retainer


With distributor removed, disconnect wires at module terminals
Remove roll pin from drive gear by driving out with 1/8 inch diameter drift punch. Mark shaft and driven gear so they can be aligned for assembly.
Remove gear, shim and tanged washer from distributor shaft. Remove any burrs that may have been caused by removal of pin.
Remove distributor shaft from housing. Bushings in housing are not serviceable.
Remove retainer from inside pickup coil assembly.
Remove pickup coil assembly from housing.

Install pickup coil.
Fit tab on the bottom of coil into anchor hole in housing.
Connect pickup coil wiring connector to module.
Make sure locking tab is in place.
Install shield onto coil.
Install retainer onto shield.
Use a new round retainer if center bushing in distributor base has no groove around the outside. Use a new square retainer when there is a groove in center bushing.

Place retainer over center bushing with teeth pointing upward.
Place a 15 mm (5/8 in.) Socket head onto edge of retainer. Keep socket centered on retainer so the teeth are not damaged. Use a small hammer to tap retainer evenly down on center bushing. When installing square retainer, make sure both teeth are seated in groove on bushing.
NOTE: The retainer should hold shield, pickup coil, and pole piece firmly.

Install shaft assembly into housing.
Install tanged washer, shim and drive gear (teeth up) to bottom of shaft. Align drive gear and shaft assembly.
Install new roll pin and spin shaft to make sure teeth on shaft assembly do not touch pole piece.

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