1993 BMW 316



January, 7, 2012 AT 9:26 AM

My car has been driving fine with no problem what so ever. I take frequent long journeys about 286 miles every other week driving it on the German Autobahn. Got back from a trip on a monday night. Tuesday the car started and ran fine. Wednesday the car didn't start. The Central locking system isn't working, but all other electronics work fine.

The car cranks but doesn't turn over. My initial thought was the battery so I tried to jump start it and it didn't work. First had the cables on for 2 mins and no luck, Then left the cable attached for 12 mins with the other car sitting near 2,000 rpm's and still no luck. Had a friend here with a BMW who had a similar problem and a German mechanic started it for them. Asked him what it was and heard. The BMW computer sometimes gets confused when there is a sudden change in temperature. Thus causing it to not start. The mechanic started the engine while giving it gas for about 15 seconds and it started up. I tried that but with no such luck.

Interior and exterior lights are fine, radio is fine, clock is fine. Previous symptoms include trouble with locking system for about two to three weeks. I manually lock the car with my key from the drivers side door but recently I would lock it and it would unlock a split second later. I would then lock it again and it would stay down. Occasionally it would lock properly with one one turn but not like normal. That's really the only prior problem I've had.

I've checked the fuses and they all look fine (with my limited knowledge) except for maybe one. #7 which is supposed to be for the locking system. It doesn't look burnt out, it just looks different than the rest. The wire part is a little thinner and looks like it broke off but can't be certain because there is a letter on the plastic part covering it.

I have an american tool set but doesn't have the necessary size to take off the screws to check the spark plugs. Could that be culprit or can you think of anything else that might be the cause? Thank you very much.


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January, 7, 2012 AT 10:08 AM

Try squirting some gas into intake to see if that makes it catch? Or it could be the opposite, it's flooded? Hold pedal to floor to try and start? Being able to look at plugs helps with diagnosis. Also check for spark when this happens using a spare plug in 1 of the plug wires lay it on metal part of engine.



January, 31, 2012 AT 9:11 PM

Thank you for the response and sorry for a delay response on my part. I figured out the problem and feel quite idiotic for not figuring it out sooner. As it turns out, a fuse to my central locking system had blown. This is an old car so I don't expect much for security but apparently it has something like an "EWS" or something like that which prevented the car from starting once the fuse blew out. I replaced it, the car started fine. The funny thing though is that the second fuse I put in blew also, but the car still runs ok. Now sure what that means now. Not sure if that means another problem or what? As of now, it runs fine. Thanks for your help and for responding back.


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