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January, 19, 2011 AT 8:22 PM

K this is not a car question its a motor question im currently rebuilding a lawn tractor its sweet but when I noticed my headgasket hole on the one cylinder 'theres two on the motor" and I took off the head and snapped off two bolt heads. The one I tryed to tap out and failed horribly and the other I have like 1/2 inch to work with but its stuck. Ive tryed the wax trick, ive used 4 types of penetration blast and wd40, I heated the block around the bolt and tryed to slowely torque it out but it wont budge after a solid 45min and I even tryed vicegrips and even a monkey wrench but IT WILL NOT BUDGE. Do you have any ideas?


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February, 7, 2011 AT 10:02 PM

A good penetrating oil like kroil, pb blaster, heat, when all else fails cut it off flush- center punch the middle drill out the bolt, repair the threads. ( Heli-coil ) if you are worried about getting true center of the hole, spend the money and have a machine shop do the work. Probally cheaper than the block.

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