Ok so I was stupid and cut off my harness to my.

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Ok so I was stupid and cut off my harness to my stock radio. Now I want to put in a pioneer radio in but I can not figure out what wires go where and no one can help me out becaue I do not have the diagrams for either radio. How can I fix this on my own?
Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 AT 8:24 AM

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I can help you with the wire colors in the car.

LR- Brown
LR+ Yellow
RR- Dark blue
RR+ Light blue

LF- Gray
LF+ Tan
RF- Dark green
RF+ Light green

Ground Black
Tail lights Brown
Dash light Gray
Power antenna and / or amp Pink
Switched 12 volts Yellow / black
Memory 12 volts Orange

Note that there's two gray wires and two brown wires. You can figure out which ones are for the lights by turning them on and measuring the voltage on them. There won't be any voltage on the speaker wires. You can also identify the speaker wires by touching the two of them to opposite ends of a 1.5 volt flashlight battery and listening for the static in the speaker.

There is also a discrepancy between the service manual and the harness I use on my test bench. They show the dash light wire and the tail light wire switched around. I don't know if their locations are shown wrong or the color designations are wrong. The tail light wire will have full 12 volts on it as soon as you turn on the head lights or running lights. The dash light wire will have voltage at the same time but it will vary depending on the setting of the dash light rheostat.

I found the installation instructions for a Pioneer DEH-P3900MP. I don't know what the plug looks like but the wire colors are usually somewhat standardized. They show:

LR- Green / black
LR+ Green
RR- Violet / black
RR+ Violet

LF- White / black
LF+ White
RF- Gray / black
RF+ Gray

Ground Black
Power antenna and / or amp Blue / white
Switched 12 volts Red
Memory 12 volts Yellow

If your wire colors are different, you can probably find the installation instructions on Pioneer's web site.
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