1992 Nissan Maxima



July, 16, 2011 AT 7:08 PM

My vehicle is revving when I accelerate and vibrating while I'm sitting at idle. It has an oil leak and powersteering leak, and it eats up gas like a truck. Then to top it off, when I accelerate, it revs high but takes a while to speed up and my valve covers are where the leaks are coming from and they are located over my alternator. And my exhaust manifold is possible leaking again because it is running rough again and I can smell fumes (including hints of gasoline) leaking into my vents into my car unless I keep it on recirculate within and my a/c doesn't blow cold unless it is on 3 or lower. And my a/c compressor is making a chinging noise and I think my clutch is about to go out on it. And for some reason my a/c blows harder when it's on recirculate. There's more but please help me figure out the most inexpensive way to fix these particular things correctly and quickly. Please, im a single mom, mechanically inclined but bad at troubleshooting. : \ Help me

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August, 18, 2011 AT 4:15 PM

What happened? Still running? Trans let go?



November, 13, 2011 AT 2:52 PM

Sorry about not replying sooner but I thought my post was just not getting a response. Its still running but dies periodically if I dont lightly press my gas pedal when starting it these days. Well I dont know about transmissions really but it has to be still working because my car hasnt stopped working entirely yet. Unless I was misinformed about transmissions seizing up the engine when it breaks. I took a look underneathe. Im missing a bolt again where the exhaust pipe that attaches to the lower intake manifold is. Or at least thats what it looks like. Could the fact that the motor mounts arent keeping the engine still anymore? Can that have cause my exhaust leak to come back? Also cv boots are fine but the boot on the arm where the powersteering fluid is supposed to go is completely torn open and thats where most of my powersteering fluid is going. Now there's a new engine oil leak that is now leaking all the way down my oil pan. The leaks are getting works. The shakes are getting worse. And now my brake light on my dashboard stays lit (the light that says I have my emerg. Brake on) which could be an old wire, bad connection, burnt fuse. Im not sure but that I can fix im sure of it but im also leaking break fluid (from a wheel cylinder on my drum brake in the back last I checked) but I dont know how to drain my brake fluid. Do you or anyone else have one of those skematics or whatever it's called that shows me where im supposed to disconnect the brake lines or if im supposed to do something to it before I drain it and what order I need to drain each line in and if I need to leave the cap to the reservoir off and do I need any kind of glue or clamp or grease to replace the cylinder? Do I need to just pump the break pedal to let any bubbles out? And whats with the deal that I cant clean out the trottle on my car or it will seize the engine? Someone told me that.

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