Yes, I have been to like three different.

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Yes, I have been to like three different Mechanic's and they all told me my gearbox is bad, But I got under my hood and my gearbox was leaking at the bottom, but I thought it had to be leaking grease too, Cause I never seen a gearbox leak Power steering fluid. So Here is my question, What do you think it would be, I mean I can see where the leak is coming from and the bolt thats attached to my gearbox is attached to my frame but I can stick my finger through it? Should I tighten it? Should I just fix it and call it whatever. I really need some help cause its been 2 months and my work is starting to wonder. Please, and GOD bless.
Saturday, February 16th, 2013 AT 3:53 AM

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Why do you not believe three different experts? Are you having to add power steering fluid? If not, it's not power steering fluid you're seeing.

If you can stick your finger through something, it was either built that way, as in a bracket or engine mount, or something is obviously broken.

I guess I need to back up. What do you mean by "gear box". To some people that means the transmission but you listed a steering problem. I show a normal steering gear box and a rack and pinion assembly available for your car. Which do you have? Neither one is filled with grease. Both are lubricated with the same pressurized power steering fluid that operates them. Rack and pinion assemblies commonly leak from one of the end seals. The fluid will go from one side to the other through the small air transfer tube and will leak from the accordion boots on either end. Fluid normally leaks from the pitman shaft seal at the bottom of older-style steering gear boxes. Those seals can be replaced but that usually doesn't address the cause of the leak. Have a helper turn the steering wheel back and forth from about the 11:00 o'clock to the 1:00 o'clock position with the engine running. If you only see fluid running out when it's being turned, you need more than a new seal. If you watch that shaft real closely in relation to the housing, you will see it move sideways first, bottom out, THEN start to turn. Because of a worn bushing, that shaft is able to move away from the seal and let fluid leak out.
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Saturday, February 16th, 2013 AT 10:51 AM

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