Wont stay running

  • 1992 ACURA VIGOR
  • 2WD
  • 170,000 MILES
My 1992 acura vigor will turn over but will not stay running, unless I hold the key in the crank position. Once released it dies. Any solutions or advice on where to look?
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Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 AT 3:30 PM

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My 1992 acura vigor Runs like a champ. Doesnt missfire nothing.
All sudden I got in my car to go somewhere and when I turened the Key car started Weak and dies 1.5 sec. Started car again and same thing.I did have low fuel pressure but not on empty.I walked to gas station with 5 gallons of gas in tank I carried.I put in 5 gallons of gas in tank and car started and died. No luck. Next I started car and car stayed running So I put it in reverse and hit gas and then car died.I then started car up and every time I hit the gas the car would die. Car would run really rough.I started car up baby-ed it in 1-2 thousand rmp and drove 5 to ten MPH down my street, If I would hit the gas any more, car would die. So I baby-ed it and finnally floored it and car would just Jerk and shake back fire and missfire and just sound out of tune! I started out slow 5 to 10 mph and when become into second gear I would floor it back fire missfire then finnally kick in and go REALLY rough.I drove it around the block about 5 times in a square and then took it to the highway and went hot rodding in my vigor trying to burn the gas cause My car was acting up after I put octain booster in the car. I was at the gas station and put about 8 gallons in the car and forgot to put in the octain booster I bought to just try it out so I put it in after I put the gas in. The instuctions said to put in first. Ever since I was on the road driving, my car was ran for a whole week without any problems or notice or issues like feel and engine sound, every thing seemed normal. I went to a friends house and I went to go home and car would start up and die like before. Now the car wont even run more then 30 sec at idle. It idles rough at park then shakes and then dies. If I give it gas the car wont even make it to 1 thousand Rpm but half way and runs like ****. If I let off gas it idles for about 5 sec then dies. If I put it in any other gears it dies. Also Takes along time to start, sometimes I have to keep the key to start and hold it just to keep engine running.
Things I do know about the car.
Cheack engine light is on, due to oxygen sensor. It comes on while driving but goes off when I turn off car. When I start car up no check engine light on.
I have a bad valve cover gasket leaving oil in every spark plugs.
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Monday, August 29th, 2011 AT 5:32 AM

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