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  • 1991 GEO METRO
  • FWD
How do I change a cigarette lighter on a 92 geo metro
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Thursday, January 6th, 2011 AT 12:02 AM

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For replacing the cigar lighter, you will have to find the fuse panel, which will be situated below the dashboard on the driver side. Most of the fuses will be marked with some kind of easy identification. If this is not the situation then you will have to check the owner s manual of your car. Now you will have to pull out the fuse from the fuse panel with nose pliers. Look inside the clear plastic case of the fuse and see if there is a metal strip between the connectors and the fuse metal. If you see that the metal strip is broken then you will have to replace the fuse. After this, switch on the ignition and make sure that the lighter is working. If the fuse is in a good condition then you will have to re-install it and continue. Start plugging the wire connector inside the test light on a bolt or metal bracket beneath the dashboard. Switch on the ignition key and check both the sides for lighter fuse. If the test light is not glowing, then you will have to check the connections in the fuse panel and repair it if required. Now, check the power wire, which is going inside the lighter socket. You will be able to see that wire from the backside of the socket or lighter box. After this, you will have to check the lighter power connection. If the test light is glowing, then you will have to replace only the lighter heating element. You can buy this part from any local auto parts store. If the test light is now glowing, then check the wire, which connects between the ground and the lighter socket.
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