1991 Ford F-250



February, 23, 2013 AT 5:39 AM

So. One morning my truck wouldn't start. 2 new batteries and 300 dollars later we got it to start. Turned it off. Tried again a few times. Then the ignition cylinder quit. All loose and flimsy. Thought it was the upper actuator or lower. Its not. For sure. A parts manager at a ford dealership nearby said the ignition switch might be jammed. I took the snap ring and whatnot out of the cylinder housing. Turned the gear with a flathead. I could see the rods moving. But barely. And it took a lot of force to turn it a little. I'm stumped. Confused. Need help before I scrap the rig.

1 Answer



February, 23, 2013 AT 12:15 PM

Did you listen to the manager? Did you disconnect the switch and re try to see if it is any easier?


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