1990 Ford F-150



June, 23, 2007 AT 8:14 PM

I can not figure this out. My Father In-Law washed his engine and then the truck ran for a min and died.
This is a Ford f-150 (1990) with a inline 6, and EFI. I figured he got water in the ignition system. Nope, We noticed that we did not hear the fuel pump start when the key was turned on like it usually does. Figured it was the pump relay, Nope. Thought it was the pump, Nope that wasn't it either. When you turn on the key, the relay activates, injectors go hot, but no fuel pump. We replaced the relay anyhow just to be sure, same thing happened. I got under the truck with a test light, and found that no power was getting to the pump, even though it is hot behind the relay. So I powered the pump directly, it turned on, truck still wouldn't start. Still no pressure, no fuel in the fuel rail at the pressure test port. Thought maybe the gauge was faulty, and it ran out of gas. Put five gal in the tank, still no fuel, pump still doesn't run.

Any Ideas?


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June, 24, 2007 AT 7:15 AM

Have you checked your fuses yet? Could have been some wire showing that happened to get a chance to short out during it's cleaning. Find the fuse that protects your pump and check it.



June, 24, 2007 AT 8:56 AM

See if it has an inertia switch on the firewall. Could have soaked it!



June, 27, 2007 AT 6:24 PM

We checked the switch it was not tripped. We bypassed it just to be sure and still nothing. It is so strange. We have power behind the pump relay. It's just not getting to the pump. No blown fuses either. Is there a fuse link somewhere.

Thanks to all trying to help me!



July, 6, 2007 AT 9:44 PM

Hey guys. We found the problem. There are two relays, fuel pump relay and the ECC relay. The Ecc relay was fired. We replaced it and now the old Ford runs like a champ. Thanks to all who helped us with this problem. You guys are great, and as soon as I get some money transfered into my PayPal account, I'll be making a donation.

Jason & Dave

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