1990 Ford Corsair



February, 21, 2012 AT 4:01 AM

I have a Ford Corsair 1990, auto, 2 Lt.

The right side head light does not work, be it on high or low beam. I have tried the usual things, I have tried a new globe, and I have tried the left side globe that I know works without success. I have looked at the fuses; I have checked for lose wiring. The dimmer switch does not work at all, has not worked for some time (this did not work long before the headlight issue).

I think the dimmer switch made the rear tail lights not work and the instrument panel lights not work. I managed to make the tail lights work by running a wire from battery to rear tail light wire and joining at tail light assembly. This made tail lights work and to my surprise the instrument panel as well. Naturally the power to the tail lights works at all times with this method, so I disconnect the connection when I’m not driving at night.

I only drive this car now and then, and only once a week at night, I don’t wish to spend money on it, by going to a mechanic (the cost for him would be as much as the car is worth). Plus I dont have a job.

Does anyone know why the right side headlight does not work, which relay should I check, I have moved them around to see if it’s the blue or green etc (relays) in engine bay on right and left side of car?

I have tried all above with the faulty dimmer switch connected and diconected.

Is there a way of by passing the dimmer switch if this is the issue?

Could it be the light switch stick on the steering column?

Is there a cheap fix as in by passing the wiring to the headlight?


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February, 21, 2012 AT 4:08 AM

Have you tested the headlight switch?

Just tap in on the other side use a test lite and verify which is high and low beam circuit-



February, 21, 2012 AT 5:00 AM

Thanks for your interest. How do you mean just tap switch on other side? Do I need to remove switch from steering colunm, do I tap it in a particular area once I remove streeing colunm covers (the plastic case behind streering wheel I am refering to). If it is this swich how do I fix till I get a replacment (which I think will be hard to come by). Thanks again



February, 21, 2012 AT 5:13 AM

Cheap fix

Use the same size wire and tap into the wiring for left side headlight wiring harness-



February, 21, 2012 AT 5:21 AM

I just unscrewed the switch and let it hang down from the steering colunm, and turned it on and the light worked for 1 min till it just fadded out. I tried again shaking and tapping the switch twisting the switch to see if any lose wires, and could not get it to go on again. I have used a lot of dash spary, as in polyglaze, armiral oil to polish dash over years. I think this may have perhaps has seeped into the switch. Do you think if I washed it in shellite it will help clean connections. Is there a way of just by passing this switch. As other thought, my windscreen wippers stopped other week, could this be related to switch on other side of colunm or other issue. Thanks again



February, 21, 2012 AT 5:33 AM

Where not in the same sheet of music here-go to the left side headlight housing assembly and tap in to the wires and then go straight to the right one and hook it up-Don't mess with the headlight switch just do the wire connections it will turn the right headlight on-

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