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I have a 89 300zx twin turbo and I have the following symptoms: Turbos dont kick in until around 4500 rpm, when it gets to around 4500 RPM white/blue smoke comes out exhaust, running at half the power it should, runs rough at low RPM, uses oil but there are no leaks, oil pressure reads good when first started and sits at halfway mark but when driving it drops down to the quarter mark. I was told this is a turbo seal that is blown, also smells like unburnt gasoline or burnt oil. Care to shed some light on the situation?

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Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 AT 1:57 AM

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I agree that turbo seal is bad, only way to fix is have turbo cartridge dissasembled, new seal put in. If seal was completely gone, you would lose all oil pressure.

Oil supply to turbo's is CRITICAL. Even 10 seconds without oil can blow a seal.

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Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 AT 11:56 AM

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