• 1989 MERCEDES BENZ 300E
  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 143,000 MILES
How to replace 1989 300e mercedes speed sensor
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Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
Disconnecting The 10-point Triggering Unit Plug
Disconnect the red 10-point plug connection of the triggering unit on the foot support.
Removing The Torx Screws (66) From The Generator Carrier
Remove both of the torx screws (66) from the generator carrier so that the generator carrier is released from the contact bridges.
Removing The Airbag Unit (51) Complete From The Steering Wheel
Lift the airbag unit (51) off the steering wheel enough to access the electrical connections.
Disconnecting The Plug To The Gas Generator
Disconnect the plug connector (55) from the gas generator.
Remove the airbag unit from the steering wheel.
WARNING: Always place the airbag unit with the padded side facing "UP" in a secure area. The trunk is usually suitable for this purpose.

Internal Detail Of Steering Wheel

Remove the countersunk screw (10) from the steering shaft.
Remove the steering wheel from the steering shaft.
Instrument Cluster Removal
Remove the speedometer shaft from the clip at the front cover, over the foot pedals; the shaft will move with the instrument panel.
Carefully slide special tool No. 126 589 03 33 00 between the dash padding and the instrument cluster and rotate 90 .
Pull the instrument cluster out; paying close attention to the speedometer shaft.
Unscrew speedometer shaft on the speedometer and remove the electric lines.
Hall Sensor Location
Remove the Hall sensor (B6).
Reinstall in reverse order.
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