1988 Mercury Tracer



December, 28, 2010 AT 4:26 PM

How do I replace the two front rotors on a 1988 Mercury Tracer, FWD, AT


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January, 9, 2011 AT 9:08 AM


1. Raise and support front of vehicle. Remove wheel and raise lock nut tab before loosening. Apply brakes to lock hub and remove drive shaft lock nut. Loosen tie rod end nut and separate tie rod end from knuckle using Joint Puller (49 0118 850C).

2. Disconnect brake hose from strut (if necessary). Remove brake caliper assembly from knuckle and support it with wire. Remove nuts and bolts which couple knuckle with ball joint and strut. Remove knuckle assembly from ball joint and drive shaft.

NOTE: If drive shaft will not separate from knuckle and hub assembly, use Bearing Puller Set (49 0839 425C)

3. Separate knuckle from wheel hub on using Puller (49 G030 725) and Attachment A (49 G030 727). Scribe match marks between hub and rotor assembly, detach hub bolts, and separate hub from rotor. See Fig. 2.

NOTE: Place wheel hub in a vise with soft jaws to aid disassembly.


1. Align and install rotor onto hub. Press knuckle and old spacer into wheel hub assembly. See Fig. 3. Install Spacer Selector (49 B001 727). Install knuckle assembly in a vise. Tighten spacer selector bolt to 145 ft. Lbs. (197 N.M), in 4 steps, 36 ft. Lbs. (49 N.M) each.

2. Place an INCH lbs. Torque wrench and socket on spacer selector. Starting preload should be 2.2-10.4 INCH lbs. (.25-1.2 N.M). Attach a spring scale to caliper mounting bolt hole. Bearing preload should be.53-2.55 lbs. (2.4-11.3 N) on 13" wheels or.48-2.4 lbs. (2.1-10.5 N) on 14" wheels. If preload is not as specified, replace spacer.

3. Use a thinner spacer to increase preload. Spacers are available in a range of.2474-.2794" (6.28-7.10 mm), in increments of.0016" (.04 mm). Each increment will change preload 1.7-3.5 INCH lbs. (.2-.4 N). Reverse removal procedure to complete assembly.

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