1988 Ford Ranger broken bolt on AC compressor

  • 1988 FORD RANGER
  • 2.9L
  • V6
  • 2WD
I am teying to change the water pump in a ford ranger 1988 2.9L. To release the tension on the 3 belts you undo a couple bolts from the AC compressor, alternator and power steering pump to allow them to shift some. Well one of the bolts on the ac compressor is missing the head. Its rusted and stripped and just all screwed up. I think I HAVE to remove this bolt to move the AC. How do I get the bolt out! I have tried using wd40. I have tried using vice grips. Tried hitting it with a hammer. I have the bolt extractor set BUT my drill is to big to access the bolt properly with the drill bit on it. I dont have a torch so the hot/cold and/or welding ideas are a no go. And its impossible to find a proper diagram of which bolts I am even supposed to loosen so if anyone has a picture and can upload it here that'd be great. As MAYBE I dont have to take this one off? I am lost. And over it. This has been going on for days. Help please. Thanks!
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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 AT 6:12 PM

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We don't have any pictures of that. If the bolt is broken and only goes through the bracket then it shold move anyhow or the a/c compressor can be removed to drill it. Otherwise it will need tohave the bracketremoved as wellor an angle drill will need to beused toget the bolt out.
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Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 AT 5:37 AM

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