1987 Ford Thunderbird



October, 2, 2012 AT 9:10 PM

I own a 1987 ford thunder bird turbo coupe and about 3 weeks ago I was driving up an upramp that was off of the high way. I applied pressure to the brakes and it sound like I blew something. Now every time I push on the brakes, the pedal is very tough. I was wondering what could be the issue here? I just ordered a new ABS control module hoping that would solve it but im not sure yet

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October, 2, 2012 AT 9:23 PM

Check your brake fluid level. You may have blown an inner seal for a caliper. It may not leak a lot yet but it is going to. What has happened is that it has came out of its groove and is now impeeding the brake caliper piston. Eventually it will eat through it and the brake will faill causing both brakes on the front or back, dependiong on where it happened, and it will drain all the fluid out and you will have greatly lessened and dangerous brakes. You should have them looked at as soon as possible. Re-manufactured calipers are not a lot of money and you can install them yourself and bleed the system.

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