1986 Ford Ranger



July, 24, 2013 AT 7:13 AM

Just bought this truck, noticed it has 2 electrical fuel pumps, one in the tank, one outside the tank, is this what its supposed to have or what? Cause i've never seen 2 fuel pumps on one ranger before and also it sputters like its possibly getting too much gas so do you think haveing that extra fuel pump is causing it? Because both pumps are working.


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July, 24, 2013 AT 7:58 AM

This is normal. Some models of the Ranger have two fuel pumps. (The in-tank pump supplies fuel to the second pump (along the frame rail). The second pump increases the pressure to the normal level. I've ssen these where the in-tank pump can't supply enough fuel to the second pump and therefore the pressure is low. Also, consider a clogged fuel filter.

Connect a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail underhood to check you fuel pressure. (Low fuel pressure can cause sputtering - along with many other things, but this is a good place to start). Normal fuel pressure is around 40 psi.

Post your results here so that I can help further if necessary.

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