1985 Chevrolet Silverado



February, 17, 2013 AT 11:29 PM

Alright, another question on this 85 Silverado I just bought recently. Truck seems solid, aside from one little thing. I got into the habit of applying the E brake on any vehicle I drive, just an old habit I guess. Well this one in particular, the whole mechanism was very loose, like I had to apply the thing repeatedly before it would take. Today I get in it to drive it, and it reverses down the driveway just fine, but wouldn't move forward once put into drive. After some playing around with the handle I finally got the truck to move, but only after giving it more pressure on the gas pedal than usual. And sometimes when I stop, the truck will jump and then come to a stop. Keep in mind, I've not taken it out on the street since this issue popped up, I'm speaking strictly from up and down my driveway here. And for what it's worth, the passenger rear tire dragged along on the final attempt, this is evident by a skid mark left behind. I'm guessing E brake because it did a little lurching motion which I usually associate with the brake applied. Question is, if the E brake isn't disengaging all the way, how would I know for sure? And is this a quick and easy fix? Again, thanks in response for any feedback.

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February, 17, 2013 AT 11:32 PM

That is the problem, the brake isn't releasing. You need to see if the cable is coming loose when you release the E brake in the truck. If it is, then the last cable that goes into the rear brake assembly must be frozen or the brakes came apart. Check that and let me know what you find.
Often times the final cable that goes into the rear brake assembly rusts or corrodes and doesn't release.



February, 24, 2013 AT 10:19 PM

Hey, sorry this took so long to reply to, just been quite busy. Yeah, I forgot to mention that it was really cold that weekend. Well Wife went out the next day to get in the truck and voila. Brake disengaged completely, haven't had an issue with it since.

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