1983 Chevrolet El Camino



December, 30, 2012 AT 4:20 AM

Swapped out rear drums for discs. Installed new front rubber hoses. After 30min of driving car starts dragging then stiff pedal and smoke comes from drivers side caliper. Need help I had to replace my transmission because of this brake problem. No one seems to know whats wrong please help!

2 Answers



December, 30, 2012 AT 4:47 AM

If it is just one wheel locking up, check the brake hose, caliper for seizing or the slide pins for holding on brakes.




January, 22, 2013 AT 3:00 AM

Thanks roy. Got another question before I spend anymore money. Give you some history. First I had front rubber hoses replaced& rear drums swapped to disc. It had low brake pressure, car would take a while to stop, but no locking issues. Then I had the prop valve rebuilt. This is when locking problems started. Also when front brakes lock up I have to let them cool off for an hour before pedal loosens up & I can drive again for about 10mins. Front brakes smoke bad too. Was thinking prop valve? Since this is a dealership part, could I use adj prop valve off the internet?I've gotten mix reviews saying they dont work only use oem parts. Dont know where you can get oem prop valve. Again thanks.

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