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December, 9, 2010 AT 11:14 PM

1980 Jeep J-10 mileage: 220,000. I had a problem with the heat. I replaced the thermostat and still have the same problem. My temperature gauge also confirms I am running much cooler than the 195 degree t-stat setting. I also partially blocked the radiator to see if I could get the temperature up, but that did nothing as well. Could it be a faulty thermostat or should I look elsewhere?


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December, 9, 2010 AT 11:20 PM

You may have a faulty thermostat or possibly incorrect gauge readings. Remove the thermostat and check it when it is cold to see that it is closed. Put the thermostat in a pan of hot water on a stove. The thermostat should be open when the water is near boiling. If the thermostat is okay, the temperature sensor may be your problem.



December, 10, 2010 AT 3:24 AM

On my CJs, 258 the temp sender can either be at driver's side on the rear of the block, or another head it may be on the front of the head near the thermostat housing.....I have noticed the rear one seems to give more accurate readings

If you Over-tighten the teeny-weeny sender, it will not work correctly

Anymore, I tighten them snug, then drive, if it leaks, I tweak it a little more, etc etc.....till the seepage stops

I also have a 2nd Analog Temp Gauge, Sender is installed Mid Block in a Abandoned CTO switch hole......My Jeeps are now, primitive combustion engines, that strictly run like engines with NO EXTRA STUFF!!!

That Gauge Stays at 9 O'clock (about 160 degrees)Constantly with a 195 degree thermostat installed---I attribute this to incoming water to the block, is not to temp yet, after coming out of the Cooled Radiator, and the hottest part of the engine would be in the highest location (the Head)....in the winter it drops slightly

I have attempted to make my Stock gauge read higher, trying different brands of senders... and 2 other H/C gauges......it climbs about 10% of the travel, indicating mostly cool.....the HVAC guys at work "shot" the heater hoses and head, near the sender....its about 190-195 with their "high speed" thermal gun

The gauge does do full travel, when you ground the sender wire, to the block near the sender

I searched, maybe not hard enough!, for a sender and "REAL GAUGE" (with the same swing and orientation of the original, with "REAL NUMBERS" that I might modify and install into my round CJ cluster

The sender would have to fit into the pipe threaded original hole, I see no other hole bigger, to install it in on the 258 head, without drilling and tapping in a new larger pipe threaded hole.

I have sorta learned that if my "Mid Block Gauge" rises more than the normal "9" position (over 160) I may be having issues....I constantly stay on top of mine, with excellent self maintenance....I really do not let the Jeep progress much over normal without freaking out.......IT HAS NEVER BEEN GIVEN A CHANCE TO "SHOW OUT" BY REALLY OVERHEATING!!!

I can send some pics of my set up, if you desire, I will start with the TEMP GAUGES and send more, as you "CRAVE" to see more of the "HEART" of simplified "Mr. JEEP"

Let's see some positive feed back about that awesome 258

See if this gets you interested!


Here as long as you want me here.

The Medic

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