How to Retrieve Volkswagen OBD1 Codes and Definitions

We are a team of ASE certified mechanics who have created this guide to help you retrieve OBD1 trouble codes for your Volkswagen with the definitions below. To start you must locate the diagnostic connector located in the center console or the trunk, you will also need two wire jumpers. Some vehicles will not allow the codes to be read without using the manufacturer's scan tool.

obd1 volkswagen scan tool

Turn the ignition switch on until the dash lights up.

Insert a jumper wire into the black connector and run it to the other black connector, do the same for the white diagnostic connector. It must maintain the connection for 5 seconds, then remove the jumper wires.
obd1 diagnostic connector volkswagen

The check engine light will flash the first of the 4 digit code. Ex: two flashes, pause, three flashes, pause, four flashes, pause, then two flashes the code is "2342 oxygen sensor failure".

Leave the ignition switch on in case there are more than one code in the system, record all faults.

Continue repairs until code #4444 or #0000 which is 3 second flashes at 3 second intervals, this is the end of the code gathering, turn the ignition switch off.

Clearing Fault Codes

Turn off the ignition switch.

Reinstall the black and white jumper wires as before and turn the ignition switch on.

Remove the jumper wires after 3 seconds.

Codes are clear when#4444 code is displayed, turn off the ignition switch, the codes are now cleared.

Volkswagen OBD1 Trouble Code Identification Table

Code 4444 No fault indicated

Code 2212 Throttle valve potentiometer fault

Code 2312 Engine coolant sensor fault

Code 2322 Intake air temperature sensor fault

Code 2342 Oxygen sensor fault

Code 2141 Knock sensor fault

Code 2341 Oxygen sensor control (vacuum or exhaust leak, wiring fault)

Code 2323 Air flow sensor fault

Code 4411 Fuel injector fault

Code 1111 Control unit

Code 0000 End of code transfer: 2.5 second flashes at 2.5 seconds interval


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