How to Retrieve Subaru Codes OBD1 and Definitions

The Subaru OBD1 system is the predecessor to the OBD2 system the following is how you retrieve the codes with the code definition table below.

Locate the diagnostic connector which is located near the driver’s side kick panel, most cases, they maybe green or black.
  obd1 subaru test connector

Locate the computer which is located under the dash near the driver’s side.

With the ignition key in the on position and the engine off, connect the "read memory" connector and disconnect the "test mode" connector. The check engine light will start to blink, the first set of light blinks will be the first digit of the trouble code, there will be a short pause when the computer is going to output the second digit of the trouble code. For example; if the first set of check engine light blinks three times and the second set of flashing check engine light blink five times the code number is 35.

To clear trouble codes once the repairs have been made, remove the negative battery cable for 60 seconds, then reconnect.

Trouble Code Definitions

Code 11 Crank angle sensor fault

Code 12 Starter switch fault

Code 13 TDC sensor fault

Code 14 Injector no.1 fault

Code 15 Injector no.2 fault

Code 16 Injector no.3 fault

Code 21 Coolant temperature sensor fault

Code 23 Pressure sensor fault

Code 24 ISC solenoid valve fault

Code 26 Air temperature sensor fault

Code 32 Oxygen sensor fault

Code 33 Vehicle speed sensor fault

Code 35 Purge control solenoid fault

Code 36 Ignition circuit fault

Code 41 Air/fuel ratio control system fault

Code 42 Idle switch fault

Code 43 Throttle switch fault

Code 45 Atmospheric pressure sensor fault

Code 52 Clutch switch circuit fault

Code 62 Electric load signal fault

Code 63 Blower fan switch fault

Code 65 Vacuum pressure sensor fault

Code 111111 no codes


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