How to Retrieve Saab Codes OBD1 and Definitions

Step 1 - Saab has used the check engine light on the instrument cluster to alert the driver that the car has encountered a malfunction of the engine or emission systems. Once activated the check engine light will flash a one or two digit code. Like most pre ODB11 operating systems the first set of blinks will be the first digit of the trouble code, there will be a brief pause as the computer gets ready to blink out the second digit of the trouble code.

Step 2 - To activate this code retrieval mode a switched ground wire must be connected to the computer pin # 16. This can be done several different ways but the most common method is locating the diagnostic connector which is near the right side of the engine. 

Step 3 - Once this is completed turn the ignition key to the "ON" position, the check engine light will flash rapidly two or three times and then pause. The computer is ready to produce the stored trouble codes.

Step 4 - Turn the grounded lead to the "OFF" position (remove the ground from the circuit) this will enable the computer to produce the first digit of the trouble code, pause and then produce the second digit of the trouble code. For example, if the check engine light flashes twice and then pauses and then blinks three more times, the code number would be 23. Some codes are a single digit in the case the check engine light will only blink one set. 

Step 5 - To clear trouble codes after the repairs have been made remove the negative battery cable for two minutes and reconnect or turn the jumper lead to the "ON" position, after three short blinks of the check engine light turn the switch off the light will blink 12444. This means there are no more codes stored in the computer’s memory and the system is reset.

Saab Trouble Code Definitions

E001 No Ignition Pulse

E002 No Signal From Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

E003 Throttle Position Sensor (Idling Contacts Do Not Close)

E005 ECM Pin 5 Not Grounding

E006 Mass Air Flow Sensor Not Grounding

E007 Mass Air Flow Sensor, No Signal

E008 Mass Air Flow Sensor

E009 Main Relay, No Power Supply

E010 IAC, No Signal From ECM Pin 10

E011 ECM Pin 11 Not Grounding

E012 Throttle Position Sensor (WOT Contact Not Closing)

E013 No Injector Pulses

E014 Mass Air Flow Sensor, Break In CO Adjusting Circuit

E017 Fuel Pump Relay Circuit

E018 No Power At +15 Supply Terminal

E020 Faulty Signal From Heated Oxygen Sensor

E021 Main Relay Control Circuit Faulty

E023 No Signal From IAC Valve

E024 No Load Signal

E025 ECM Pin 25 Not Grounding

E101 Starter Motor Revs Too Low

E102 Short In Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit

E103 Throttle Position Sensor (Idling Contacts Do Not Open)

E107 Mass Air Flow Sensor, Signal Too Low

E108 Mass Air Flow Sensor Filament

E109 Main Relay, Power Supply Too Low


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