How to Get Eagle Codes OBD1

Get Eagle codes from the OBD1 system

Easy to follow step by step guide on how to gather and read obd1 trouble codes for eagle cars made between 1988 and 1996. You do not need a code reader to gather these codes but you will need a test light.

Step 1

Start by locating the diagnostic connector under the glove box. The Eagle Summit connector will be in the fuse box.

Step 2

Ground a test light and insert the probe end into the number 1 terminal.

Step 3

Turn the ignition key to the on position and observe the test light. Long blinks represent the first position of the code number while the short blinks represent the second position of the code number. For example; if the light blinks two long times, then blinks four short times the code number is twenty four. Turn the key off and then on again to restart the test.

Step 4

Once the repairs have been made disconnect the negative side of the battery for thirty seconds to clear the codes. If a problem still exists the car must be driven about twenty five miles before the check engine light will come back on.

Code Table

11 - Oxygen sensor

12 - Airflow sensor

13 - Intake air temperature sensor

14 - Throttle position sensor

15 - Idle speed motor position sensor

21 - Coolant temperature sensor

22 - Crank angle sensor

23 - Top dead center sensor (crankshaft position sensor)

24 - Vehicle speed sensor

25 - Barometric pressure sensor

31 - Knock sensor (turbo models)

32 - Faulty MAP sensor

36 - Ignition timing adjustment signal (1.8L, 91-up)

39 - Faulty oxygen sensor

41 - Injector

42 - Fuel pump

43 - EGR (California)

44 - Ignition coil or ignition power transistor unit (cyls. 1 and 4)

52 - Ignition coil (cylinders 2 and 5)

53 - Ignition coil (cylinders 3 and 6)

55 - Idle air control valve

59 - Rear heated oxygen sensor

61 - ECM - transaxle interlink

62 - Warm-up valve position sensor

62 - Variable Induction Control valve position sensor 93-up

71 - Traction Control vacuum valve solenoid.

Eagle Premier 1991-1992 and Vision Cars

11 - Ignition reference circuit

13 - MAP sensor vacuum circuit

14 - MAP sensor electrical circuit

15 - Speed/distance sensor circuit

17 - Engine running too cool

21 - Oxygen sensor circuit

22 - Coolant temperature circuit

23 - Charge temperature circuit

24 - Throttle position sensor circuit

25 - Automatic idle speed control circuit

26 - Peak injector current not reached

26 - Injector circuit

27 - Fuel injection circuit control

32 - EGR system

33 - Air conditioner clutch relay

34 - Speed control solenoid driver circuit

35 - Fan control relay circuit

42 - Automatic shutdown relay control

43 - Ignition coil circuit

51 - Oxygen sensor lean

52 - Oxygen sensor rich

53 - Internal engine controller fault

54 - No camshaft position sensor signal

55 - End of message

63 - EPROM write denied faulty ECM

77 - Speed control power relay

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