How to Use an Infrared Temperature Meter

Step 1 - A typical infrared meter is available at Amazon for between $20.00 and $80.00 and is useful in diagnosing problems and checking the temperature of various automotive components.

Infrared Meter

Step 2 - Just point and shoot the meter at any desired automotive part such as an air conditioner vent to check the output temperature or individual exhaust manifold ports to check cylinder performance or as we have done here to confirm the heat of a part to facilitate the installation of a power steering pulley. (A part is expanded allowing the press fit installation to go much easier.)

Infrared Meter

Helpful Information

The infrared meter uses a laser beam to monitor the temperature of anything it's pointed at, and is accurate to plus or minus 2 degrees. An IR meter easy to use and is a non-contact temperature reader which safely measures surface temperatures of hot, hazardous or hard to reach objects.

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