1998 Ford Explorer • 165,000 miles

I have asked this question before and you gave me some tips on how to fix the problem, so I had a mechanic check my rear differential and he said it needed a ring and pinion gear. I had tha done, but the noise is still there. Can the transfer gear case make that noise or is it the front Diff, please advise thanks. Oh by the way its a 98 explorer 4.0 v-6 sohc 4 wheel drive
Joey jo
April 16, 2013.

Can you describe the noise?

Its a high pitched type of sound, kinda like a old fan wearing out, A whirrling type of noise that only happens when the truck is in gear and accelerating and stops when I let up o the gas, kinda sounds like a old fan thats wearing out. Hope that helps, thanks in advance for your help

Joey jo
Apr 17, 2013.
Based on your description, I believe it is the fan clutch that is locking up to cool the engine down.