1999 Volvo S70

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Volvo S70 Automatic 185k+ miles

my wifes car just suddenly died, then restarted after waiting about 10 min, then died within minutes, now wont stay running longer then a minute, have code p0118, p1081. Had p0506 but hasnt come back on yet. Need to now what the cheapest way to fix it is, thanks Josh
May 9, 2010.

PO118 is for a faulty ect sensor signal. You could have a defective sensor or thermostat that is opening to slow or is stuck partially open? Without diagnosing, you could just replace both the thermostat and engine coolant temperature sensor. The thermostat housing needs to be removed to get acces to the sensor so it just make sense to do both. PO1081 is for an immobolizer communication issue and there is no definate repair for this code because it can be something as a bad key all the way to a defective control unit. If the starting issue is happening with both keys then you need to find a good automotive electrician. You would need to cut and solder new terminals for the antena ring connector and the immobolizer control unit connector. You can get the terminals from Volvo. This repair has seem to be working so far. If the starting issue is only with the one key, then you will need to order a new key and have it programmed. As for the last code, most likely it will be related to the stalling after it starts. Keep me posted and if you have any questions on the advise I am giving you, just go ahead and ask or send me a private mesage.

May 16, 2010.
The car starts up and runs for a few seconds thens dies like its out of gas, then wont restart for about 10 min, then when it will fire it only runs for a few seconds, I have spark, put fuel psi gauge and psi was 45, changed fuel filter. Still have no idea what it could be. The problem just suddenly happened driving home from the store, it just died then started up and ran for a little while, and slowly got to the current status. Please help.

Jun 9, 2010.
Have you tried the repairs I have mentioned on the previouse post?

Jun 10, 2010.
I would try what JIS001 has mentioned and check your Fuel Pump Relay as well. My car started up one morning and died after like 5sec. So I performed a lot of troubleshooting until I pin pointed the Fuel relay. It was $50 at my local car parts store. To think I almost replaced the fuel pump that is $350!

Aug 4, 2010.