2005 Volvo S40

Steering problem
2005 Volvo S40 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 90000 miles

During the sharp turn there is some noise. This happens only when I turn right. Before it use to make the noise while making a sharp turn or turing while speeding. Now there is noise even when I turn the car slowly. I cannot figure out the problem. There is no indication in the computer screen about the lack of steering oil or problems. What do I do?
S Tuladhar
March 28, 2010.

Inspect the CV Boot and CV Joints

Mar 28, 2010.
While turning slowly, if it sounds like a creaking noise then your bump stops on the struts are binding up. Lift the front of the vehicle up and remove the wheels. Lift up on the rubber boots on the struts and look up on top inside. You will see a white bump stop in there. Spray some silicone lube and try and get as much of it inside the bump. Recheck it. The noise should go away for a while. If it does, you will need to replace the bump stops. Hope this helps.

Mar 31, 2010.