1991 Volvo 940

Transmission problem
1991 Volvo 940 Engine Size unknown Automatic 151968 miles

why would a car of this type with hardly any miles,
taken care of really well, be slipping gears.
It takes a minute for it to grab
February 22, 2008.

I have a 1993 940 Turbo GL with 270,000 on the original transmission. Transmission shop told me I had to have it re-built at 125,000 [$900+ estimate]. It was slipping [at stop light, start to go but the engine only revs. Let off gas and then it slowly goes into gear. Slipped a little on 2nd and third gears also.] Drained all the transmission fluid [dropped the pan, , to make sure it was completely empty] replaced the pan gasket, the filter, added all new trans fluid. And it has been 140,000 + miles on that change. Time to do it again I think. It is pretty sensative to the level of the fluid so don't add too much.

Jun 14, 2008.