1991 Volvo 740

Engine Performance problem
1991 Volvo 740 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 245000 miles

I have owned this 1991 volvo for 2 years now and in that time period the motor has quit on me at least 4 times, the last time while I was traveling along about 50 mph and everytime it will restart within a few seconds. I did clean and check flame trap, everything else seems to operate properly, so I'm at a lost as to where to start looking for problems?
Ed centner
September 22, 2008.

Have you checked or ever replaced your air mass meter. When they start to go the car will die, run rough, and you won't be able to go over 20-30 mph. Pull out the plug and see it makes a difference in your idle.

Dec 19, 2008.