2002 Volkswagen Beetle

Computer problem
2002 Volkswagen Beetle 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 55000 miles

check engine light is on, goes off and on, cold engine light stays on even after hours of driving (Turbo S model, same engine temp light is blue when engine is cold, I guess to caution you against high revs when engine cold that could damage engine/turbo?).

Have replaced oxygen sensors and coolant temp sensor, checked for vaccum leaks, etc. No coolant leaks, no vaccum leaks. Mileage went down but replaced a broken vaccum hose, now back to normal but lights keep going off/on. Mainly both stay on.
September 5, 2008.

Check thermostat, and radiator, radiator could be clogged.

Ok. Had not thought about thermostat, but hope it fixes problem. Cheap enough to try. Clogged radiator whould make car run hot, it runs just fine and light indicates it's cold? Car has only 56,000 miles, doubt radiator would be clogged with so few miles. Will replace thermostat and let you know if that did the trick. Thanks.

Sep 5, 2008.

Took forever to change thermostat (what a butt kicking replacing alternator!), However, as I suspected. That did nothing to fix problem. Cold engine light still NEVER goes off.

Radiator in great shape. Flushed just for the heck of it. But if it was 'clogged' or anything wrong with it, would'nt car overheat rather than 'not heat up to normal temp'??

Termostat was a good guess, it might have been stuck wide open, however, when cold engine light was working fine, it would only take 4 or 5 blocks for it to warm up sufficient enough to go off, so I doubt engine has to warm up to normal operating temps for it to go off.

I am at a loss and will just continue driving it with it on.

Oct 26, 2008.