1994 Toyota Tercel

I changed oil few days before and filled over the full line.
Few days later the engine ligts show and and display check engine.

I replaced the distributor/ Cap and wires. Still the engine light is on.

I hae planed to replace the Plugs as the next step.

What else should I look or change?
How to get rid of this " Check engine" light?
July 14, 2007.

Remove the EFI and Stop fuses-give it 30secs then replace it. Now start vehicle if its there again, its time to pull the code/s and ID the problem area/circuitry.

HTH/Good Luck!

Jul 14, 2007.
From my experience I just disconnect the battery for about 10-15 minutes. After reconnect the lights stay off; and based on TEMPE TOYOTA if the lights come back on after this then there truly is a problem; if the lights stay off its fine.

Nov 18, 2007.