Toyota Sienna

My Sienna van (1999) with 85,000 miles has an odd problem. Only on long trips the speedomoter and odometer both suddenly go out and the check engine light goes on. After about a half hour of continued running the speedometer and odometer come back on and the engine light goes out. This has happended about 5 times. The cruise control is the only other thing affected. It too dies. Otherwise the car continues to drive just fine. Any ideas?
December 18, 2006.

When the check engine light comes on a trouble code is stored in you vehicles PCM (computer). Visit Advance Auto or Autozone and they will check the trouble codes free of charge.

You likely will find a trouble code for the VSS (vehicle speed sensor). Return with the trouble code(s) and we'll proceed from there.

BTW- Please include the alpha-numeric trouble code-- Example- P0300, P0420, etc.-- And not the clerks interpretation of the code (their interpretation can be misleading or dead wrong).

Dec 18, 2006.
Good answer Jessee. There is another problem I have encountered in those vans and that is the ground to the cluster. Check the ground from the battery to the chasis and from battery to the engine. Remove and clean them. The cluster ground is a black wire with a white stripe. Sometimes you can see it on the left side of the passenger compartment screwed into the chassis.

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Dec 18, 2006.
Code reader says PO500----Speed sensor. So is that simply the answer? That I need a new speed sensor?

Dec 27, 2006.
Don't jump the gun might be a wiring problem to it- a thorough inspection is needed here to find the cause and what exactly is defective.

Find the VSS-disconnect the harness-now remove the VSS- connect the harness- turn On the ignition-spin the VSS -the speedometer should fluctuate. If it fluctuates-inspect the VSS for wear and tear. Note: it has to be install correctly otherwise the Vss its not gonna turn and will not create the AC signal for the ECU to read.

Install correctly and still no movement on the combination meter check for a 2nd speed sensor at combo meter

Here's the VSS configurations: 1. From tranny or transaxle Vss to ECM
2. &Quot; tranny or transaxle thru combination meter Vss to ECM
3. &Quot; tranny or transaxle Vss thru combination meter to ECM
4. From Wheel Speed Sensor to ABS computer thru combination meter to ECM


Dec 27, 2006.
Jess, what gave this up-was the( cruise control) it has to get the VSS signal in order for it to function. Toys are known for this especially Previas. And again it might be totally a different thing. BTW thanks, also I carry the same 1st name.

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Dec 29, 2006.