1997 Toyota Rav4

Engine Cooling problem
1997 Toyota Rav4 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 125000 miles

I just replaced the water pump, radiator, with upper and lower hoses, thermostat, timing belt, and expansion tank. The car starts and runs fine but I am not getting heat. I had installed a flush kit on inlet heater hose at one point. Now when there is no heat the heater hoses are not hot and don't seem to have water in them. If I crack the cap on the flush kit thing and gradualy let air out the water starts to circulate and I get heat. But within 5 minuets or so the circulation to heater core slows or stops and it start blowing just luke warm or cool air again. If I crack it again I get heat for a while? Any help?
December 11, 2009.

Jack up the front end of that vehicle and then try to bleed out the air. Make sure vehicle is hot when doing this. Sounds like you got alot of air in there.

Dec 11, 2009.
Hi thjimbo125234 and TY for the donation

You're sounding good my man also won't hurt to check the water control valve-Merry Christmas

Dec 11, 2009.