Toyota Pickup

I have a 1993 toyota T100 v6 4X4 manual trans. I just changed my clutch, slave and master cylnder. I also bled the system. I started my engine and tried to put it into gear but the gear would not engage. No gears would engage. But when I start the engine in gear and start to release the cluth, I can feel it grabbing and i'm pretty sure I can drive off, however I can not shift it into 2nd. My clutch pedal seems way loose as if there was no pressure going to the system.
Could it be possible I have a defective part somewhere?
August 2, 2007.

Try adjusting the free play and pedal height. If adjusted properly go back and recheck the M/C and Slave/Servo. Bleed the M/C than the slave. You probably still have air in it. Double check the slave.

Aug 2, 2007.